Hectornado samarbetar med Kenny Karlsson musikproduktion

Kenny Karlsson has continuously created music for himself and others. I have personally followed Kenny's creation for 15 years when we first bumped into each other.

Kenny has the ability to set an exact nerve and tone for every mission he takes on. To tone moving images requires tremendous responsiveness to the visual playing field. The audial image should not take over, dominate or stand first in the queue. Instead, the music's mission will be to enhance, strengthen and contribute to a stable foundation for the visual players to act on.
All too often, the music is forgotten, but once you invite it fully into the creation process, it is allowed to become the perfume of the film, leaving the viewer with just the right reverberation and a reinforced impression of the whole. Kenny has created a completely magical and entirely own audial atmosphere for several productions. The extra dimension added by the music is an invaluable factor to the production and would have left it limp if it were subsequently removed.

Kenny har även gjort filmmusiken till bland annat flera dokumentära produktioner som visats på filmfestivaler och SVT.

Kontakta nedan om du vill veta mer om musikproduktion. Exempel på Kennys musik hittar du i filmerna här intill.